Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thks for Your Support for e 100,000 HITS....

Thks for e support ! My you-tube had hits 100,000 view hits..within 6 months of blogging...

We wishes everyone a Happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Promotion for AK Cards as christmas Gift (price markdown valid only till christmas)

Christmas coming and . Cheapest Version 2 cards In singapore, Jb and some say even batam Promotion valid till Christmas....
Please send in ur order via sms or order in e blog !

pls order via my son Hp (jia Hao Hp : 82912285) only !!!!!
meetup in Woodlands on 25th Dec for collection !!!!
Ver 2

Gold Card (Promotion only limited to 1st set)

Gold Lion x0 $35 (SOLD TO MR LIM)

Bald Eagle x0 $35 (SOLD TO MR LIM)

Bengal Tiger x0 $35 (SOLD TO MR LIM)

Red Scorpion x0 $50 (SOLD TO MDM KOH)

Silver Card: (promotion limited to two set only)
Hammerhead Shark x 1 $18 (1 SOLD TO MR LIM)

African Elephant x 2 $18

Black Hole x 1 $18 (1 SOLD TO MR LIM)

Meteor Shower x 2 $18

Mighty Fighter x 2 $18

Crashing Moon x 1 $18 (1 SOLD TO MR LIM)

Hippo Larry x 0 $18 (soLd to Uncle ??? in Bt Batok Crescent )

secret Moonlight x 2 $18

Bronze Card: (Limited to 2 sets only )
Leo the Lion Cub x 0 $6 (1 SOLD TO MDM KOH) (1 SOLD TO MR LIM)

Kid the Tiger x 2 $6

Joe the Tiger x 2 $6

Indian Rhinoceros x 2 $6

Nile Crocodile x 2 $6

Blue the Young Shark x 1 $6 (1 SOLD TO MR LIM)

Hidden Power x 2 $6

Sealord’s Insignia x 2 $6

Leadership x 1 $6 (1 SOLD TO MR LIM)

King’s Insignia x 0 $6 (1 SOLD TO MDM KOH) (1 SOLD TO MR LIM)

Ice Meteor x 2 $6

Alien Egg A x 2 $6

Alien Egg D x 2 $6

Giant meteor x 2 $6

Panda x 2 $6

All version 2 normal card @ FOC if u need to complete e sets ...for those who purchase from my boy !!!!
pls sms or order through my boy HP !!! Order through Daddy will be more Ex .... ha ha… Merry Christmas .... All AK FAN.....

Sunday, December 20, 2009


It was a special day @ e-hub where all kids uses my free bar code to fight ! special ops leo were use against ver 2 boss . All kids were smiling when they receive this cards . some keep it in e album others wanted more for their siblings...

I hav enclose e pic of how e cards look like and also a youtube of my dog poppy playing AK machine .
PS: this is actual a stray dog which follow my second daughter home ! He abt 2 yrs old and were a loss dog with no tag. We took him in as he can get along well w my the other Dog.
He can do Hi-five , so we decide to hav a try in e machine... he play ...LOL...Ha ha...

Youtube link:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ver 10 cardlist and cards for pre-order !

Pre-Order your ver 10 gold cads + strong cards nows !

coming in 10 days time !

hurry hurry ! Great for christmas Gift !

Ver 10 complete sets selling @$1200.

sms 90690147 or email
you can also visit mu outlets for details....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ver 10 Official Trailer Now Uploaded in My Youtube.

Your can view @ my youtube or e Namco offical website.
Thks for visiting my you-tube!
current hits had reach 84,000 hits....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whole set of Local Ver 2 for sale on ebay !

staring bid :$850 those interested can hav a head start by sms 90690147…

FREE Animal kaiser Survival Kit w
(barcode generator +Video Clips + New Animals barcode + Cards Sequence of DECK A & B)+Trailers by namco)

other GOLD also avialable @ $85 per pcs ..... Silver @$35..... Bronze @$25.....
email or smS me ... u can also visit my outlets me ....

New outlets @ AMK Hub , Bedok South (independant Bookshop) ,Parkway parade #02), Compass point , Hougang Green, Bt Panjang Plaza , Westmall Buzz ,Northpoint B2
christmas coming..... aunties working very hard .....LOL...Ha ha…

Local Ver 2 is finally here !

After a long wait, and also after a lot guessing and gossip...
This ver 2 prove to be a super hit .... not only on Price Tag @$2 but also ..the long queue ..and hours of patience needed in-order for e kids to enjoy just a few games of fun....

Hardware were updated w Boss fight (baby Master Leo) We had e barcode.... It seems now this barcode worth a lot.....but we will be distrubing it for free ....HA>>>It's Christmas ...Ma...

Adult sweating, face black black......long queue never mind...quarrel...fighting were seen in some places of acrade center.....(ALL because of their child) Some adult seems to be recording e sequence ... now kids go arcade centers w notepads just like exam ..copying sequence ..remembering e foil cards ...also asking around for which deck ???? DECK A ? B? C? D?

I myself found it more unpleasant , when I am queueing , e person infront start counting and e one behind also start counting ..its seem like everyone had it's own sequence of cataching GOLD Cards...wondering will both will wallop me if they discover e GOLD CARDS>>comings in 10 games...scary....I always dun comments on whats I know ....

ONLY TELL THE ONE PLAYING IF 7 GAME GOT NO FOIL CARDS THEN HAV TO WAIT LONG LONG...... AT LEAST 18 games...if u are prepare to cheong then good luck.....maybe a rare foil w appear....