Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Lots coming in next Wednesday

Shipment will be in on very Wednesday ! Pre-order starts now !

SMS 90690147 to order ! email :

In memory of Mascot Dog Ah Dai

The Mascot Dog Ah Dai (World Biggest Dog ! which is bigger than our bengal Tiger )in U-petmart in Pasir Ris Pet shop had passed away suddenly last week and we will be launching a special edition of the Dog in AK Cards with secret Bar codes of an mystery animals to be distribute to all AK Fans in memory of the dog.

More Deadly Winner for OWNER OF CHAMP LION

There are current winners in E-hub and LOTs 1

featuring kids from Disney Family ( Known also as LION KING FAMILY) won 11 CHAMP LION
supporters for Local Cards ! First to be ban fr om playing in Zone X ! However have teaches the family all e tips about winning AK !

Oops ! wrong Pic (this from alvin and the chipmonk) ! Should be pic w 2 kids !

and also the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣) Kok You and Mabel who uses eagle for the tournament , Three times CHAMP , sorry you are being ban now ! No more Tournament @ Lot 1 ! he .. he .. please go somewhere else .. ha ha ! Now new comer got more chance to win !!!!

Both of these Family are qualify to be trainer for all AK fans !
You can ask them to be your personal Trainer ! Ha ! Ha!...
Dun know how they charge $$$ per hours ! if you really want to win please consult them!
please also remember to ask them to pay me advertisement on my blog ! LOL... if you do engage them !

Also feature e photo for the first time winner for Father and son Team in Lot 1 !

Ebay Winner for Ver 6 Red Scorpion

Thanks Mr Jonathan for e bids on Ver 6 Red Scorpion for $111 starting @ $1.
Total of 35 bids receive! Will put up more item @ $1 ... at followers request the future!
Meanwhile Ver 6 Blue Tiger Strong Cards 252 will be put up for bids at the following
ebay website :

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Items(Ver 8DX & Ver) on ebay auction!

Had put up more than 30 items on ebay for auction !

Seller ID : examsutra
Please bid at your comfortable price!
Thank for e support ! Appreciate e 35 bids for e scorpion!
Will be putting another $1 bid on a Ver 9 Gold Card!
Date to be confirm upon arrival of stock !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Must-see Video for all Animal Kaiser fans!!!

this video is a fight between a siegfried (Blue Tiger) and a new Version 9 boss ! a risen coral snake which consists of wings and moustache and also said to be the master of dark leo and White must see it to believe it!!!!!

More video fight scene for

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Warzone Confirm Next Month!

Timezone have written confirming that the Animal Kaiser Tournament will be held Next Month!
Therefore we will hav more warzone to fight ! more $100 + $50 credit tokens !
kindly log into their website for more info !

Meanwhile their $50 Top-up fifty promotion is back again on Friday !
pls credit more to standby ver 2 !!! coming in mid -Nov !!!!hopefully???

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Stock of Gold Cards Ver 9 Coming In !

The New stock will be ship in another 10 days times, if hav any cards which you like us to order we can pre-order for you!

email or sms me

Thanks !

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Gold scorpion $1 ebay bids is back again!

Back by popular demand we will hav again a 10 days bids starting from today !

starting bid as usual of S$1...

pls feel free to take part and bids...

Ver 9 Trailer Now uploaded in our You-tube !

Pre-order your Ver 9 Cards !

Email me : and other cards to power up your animal.

Although some can work on our local machine, you now get a chance to view

A day of surprise "Wallop"

Althought prepared by Chan my advisor with the most strongest combination, silver spider + japan Crashing Moon (Doubling Miracle) it did not cause much harm to space shutter family yet it was another same combination by a father and son team using my combination wallop all of us including e space shutter family.

And the winner is a shark + alien Egg I + Poseidon's pledge won by a shy rich boy with (maids)!!!chow wei

We suffer the same fate @ e Hub also
did not even win but it was a surprising Wallop @ e-hub cause my boy managed to win this TCS child star known as "little Candy" well known from her TCS TV drama.

Ha ! Ha ! Maybe they may turnout to be a fine couple one day .....????

Friday, October 9, 2009

Challenge at Whitesand ZONEX - Free cards ?

I overheard a lots of aunties telling me abt e showdown @ whitesand !

Well , speak to my kids, my boy is excited not been winning laterly , my daughter say she want to concentrated her exam on Monday but after seeing e blog she decided to game on !

Understand whitesand dun have crowd ! dun know we can pull crowd as we did in Junction 8 in Bishan ! Exam season la ! We usually support Sky ! e supervisor there! As they have projector for the tournament!
link to be upload to showcase e crowds and e noise created by e crowds1
Let's showcase e past week winner and their dangerous pets !
Photo consist of NASA family (444+scorpion+gorilla), Kah Poh Aunties (sorry! )(black hole+shark), Lim family (also e importer of Japanese cards)(gorilla + approach sun), caring dady fr Tao Payoh (this guy is deadly always ALL BIG) (shark)....and of course my boy (who is banned fr bringing cards to e badminton coaching on sunday morning after e team start talking abt AK instead of badminton !)(shark + black Hole )

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pre-Order your Version 9 cards

I had order this cards from e Yahoo bids!

Cards coming in ! some I will keep , (some blackmail by my team of consultants ...chan, ah boon ...aunties ...) balance you can have it ! @ a comfortable price ! ha !ha!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Announcing The Third Mystery Animals! The King Cobra !

Announcing The Third Mystery Animals! The King Cobra !

As promise the youtube clip uploaded and a special request of the Batman Move from the Vampire Bats also included ! enjoy !!! sign up for my blog followers ! I promise more exciting clip coming your way ! (purple spider ! Never been seen ! But are workable in our sysytem ! )
Youtube links:
More to come !!!!!!............

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bids as a Wholesale Lots 600pcs Japanes Card

Bids as a Wholesale Lots 600pcs Japanese Cards will be flooding into Singapore Markets

email: to place your order!

he! he ! You dun have to hurry ! As stated in the forum "hurry ! order now !" of my competitor there enough for everyone !

pls note the above stock are in transit to Osaka , then to singapore !

Arrival Time in 10 days!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Mystery Call that change the fate of all Animal Kaiser fans!

I receive an mystery call Friday mid-night asking for the price of gold tiger , he had bargain to $40 which I told him I can't . later he sms me to exchange w champion Lion , I was surprised and sms to him that he is on e losing side if he wanted to swap cause the champ lion can cost $80-$150 in e market !

He later told me that Champ Lion was from a forum nickname : Space shutter! (I know e he is a big-time spender in AK cards!) I decided to call him and had a chat ! He insisted the swap and we did in in mid-night with e help of my network aunties! (@ 1am)

He took the tiger and it was for his son @ 3 or maybe 4 yrs old ! to play on e machine

He had some rare cards and I manage to sold off all e rare cards the next day as I hav ready buyers!

Buyers who are willing to pay and wants e cards immediately!! !

What came in on e above incident was a surprise, the source of the rare cards does not come from anywhere fr shops or friends in Japan , It came direct from e yahoo bids!

We discover a payment gateway that link to yahoo bids directly using paypal !

We had try to bids ! will soon test the gateway payment !!!!!

Thks for the Tips !!!!

Soon more more more ....JP Cards comings.....