Sunday, August 30, 2009

New lots of japanese arriving soon !

The following are the first shipment of japanese cards arriving soon to be put up for ebay for auction! price to be advise later! however if your are keen, sent your interest and your offer to
thanks !
We still have stock for local gold cards (shark,tiger,lion eagle), just bid from ebay or email what your wishlist for all local cards!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More live Coverage of the competitions

We would be covering Timezone compass point this sunday ! 11am tournment (in shopping centre Lobby)
Zone X Ang Mio kio hub 2pm (Japanese Cards & local cards tournment)
Virtualand Bishan 4pm -Live (normal cards -tournment)

hope to update you !

New Stock of Gold Cards in ebay or direct purchase

Auction is ANYONE Animal Kaiser Game Original Gold Animal Card -
Champion Lion,Lion,Great White Shark, Bald Eagle ,Bengal Tiger
Each card use to be at $ Selling @ SIN $150.00-Champion Lion

Gold- use to be at $ Selling @ SIN $60.00-Lion, shark, eagle

Only Gold Bangal Tiger use to be at $ Selling @ SIN $65.00

FREE Normal postage & handling fees.
Accept payment by POSB/DBS funds transfer.
Please ask all questions before bidding.
Winner to contact me within 2 days of auction closure.
*For overseas buyers :
accept payment by paypal only.agreed to pay registered airmail postages and handling fees.will issue paypal invoice with auto currency conversion to your country destination. Thanks for looking at my auction.

Stocklist for Animal Kaiser
Sell your cards, we pay ready cash !!!!
visit us to trade or buy / sell
sms 90690147 for your cards order

get a free barcode for trail ver 5 Dx Blue tiger (photocopy)
with special move of 9 verus 1 fight
visit youtube:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mystery Solved For the Gold Blue Tiger ver 4DX

We have finally solve the mystery of whether this card is usuable in our local machine !

The answer is not, I repeat all ver 4DX are are not usuable in our machine, buy at your own risk, the one posted in our youtube is a limited edition of a promotion cards believing to be bronze cards.

Photo attached ! because it is a limited edition we are unable to place order with our vendor in Japan! Price unknown???
However if you want a photocopy , add to be our follower ,
I would able to email a scan barcode and it will work like original in our local machine!
youtube of the move : to be downloaded later!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Competition but only normal cards are allow ! Warzone everywhere !

are timezone, zone x and virtualand are all having animal kaiser war competition, I really don't know where to battle ? Its seem to be warzone everywhere?

ha ha! one thing for sure ! Virtualand had secret info for all animal kaiser fans, they plan to have a tournment on only using normal cards! No Gold , Silver or even bronze are allow!

now, it seems normal cards will be highly in demands! so guys don't throw away your normal cards start build your strongvand mircale cards with it!

website write up from virtualand:

ANIMAL KAISER THE OFFICIAL BATTLE TOURNAMENT. It is a perfect FAMILY game for EVERYONE! No matter you are 6 years old or 60 years old, male or female, you can PLAY! So far, TKA VIRTUALAND & STAR FACTORY have held 14 tournaments in Singapore. The above chart shows the 14 names of the successive GOLD CHAMPIONS! Could your name be next on the chart? Look out and JOIN the next tournament that is going to be held. WHO IS THE KING OF THE ANIMALS? All prizes are sponsored by Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Last Updated on Monday, 17 August 2009 17:55

More New Machines in timezone

latest news, more and more machine are arriving in timezone and there are organising competition also start @ 11am !

Top secret? ha! ha!

the machine arrive from japan (confirmation fr management)

This coming friday will be the last friday promotion (Top up $50 + $50 free)

so animal kaiser crazy fan please top up as much as you could , so you can play for a years! understand that its will be cost at $0.75 cents per play lasting for 1 years base on the amount your top up!

timezone writeup and its outlets:

Animal Kaiser ,known as the King of Animals, is an attractive game for kids. It is also one favorite game of the kids, active young player, because of the variety of animal characters. This game is available at Timezone Bukit Panjang, Causeway Point, Compass Point, Great World City, Hougang Mall, North Point, Parkway Parade, Tampines Mall, Tampines 1, Vivo City & West Mall. If you want your fabulous animal to win in battle against your opponent, why not you try the Animal Kaiser???

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Animal kaiser you tube : rare red scorpion vs gorilla

やあ!私はシンガポールから午前2ヵ月前には1件の動物カイザー! 日本でのビジネスパートナーを購入し、販売するカード探し私の電子メール: 私のサイト: 携帯電話: (65) 90690147 ファックス Fax: (65) 62915603一緒に仕事をする場合、下記のニュースを私にメールを送って熱心です!あなたから聞いてほしい


Competition full for first round no second round ???

dun understand why certain outlet have 3 round of competitions and some outlets are only going for 1 round, Noted that most of the outlet is unwilling to have second round competitions?

can the management enlighten us?

if you want to promote the game, you should willing to put your staff to operate at least 2 round in each outlets ! most outlets claim to be shortage of man power, while the animal kaiser fan were turn with disappointment when we are told the list of 16 is full.

Virtualand is doing the right things, there have 3rd or at least 2 round in each of their popular outlets and they are suspending the matches this 2 week because of the schools common test and exam !

Testing of Gold rare ver 4 DX Big Tiger

initial field test had fail, we do not know why , the card can't work on our local machine

more test require!
show it is workable !
Therefore we are awaiting for more test result and confirmation before we lauch the sale of the cards! Be Patient email us for pre-order: or be a follower of the blogsite.

Item to be available next months for ebay bidding

With limited stocks , first come first serve, please email us or be a follower to our blogsite so we can update you once our stocks arrive and the pricing!

More rare item found in Japan

Monday, August 17, 2009

百獣大戦New Champion Cards in Japan

百獣大戦New Champion Cards in Japan

Sunday, August 16, 2009

cards to showoff but this lots not for sale

request by my son as he feel sad loosing 2 round in e first knock-out !

hope he feel better ! showing off his cards!
but we are still shortage of hippo larry
anybody wanted to sell !

Tournment Result 16/8/09 @ zone x jurong point & lot1

very very tough fight tournment but my daughter cheok jia ying came in as champion while our animal kaiser advisor Mr Chan came in 2nd !

(got lot of scolding by him as his kids is having exam! as we are heading for Lot 1 round 3 tournment!)

while at Lot 1 , new comer ( my royal card buyer son young riordan Ng came in 1st beating so many champion fr different zone x and virtualand! well its luck sometime!

I actually came and entertain everybody with hoppo larry singing and hanging tree ! sure lose! ha! ha! its chan son !

so those want to wins and still can't win pls buy more cards from me ! ha! ha!

our good friend staying at pasir ris travelled all the way to chua chu kang Lot 1 to take part in e competition!

I think they had a very very fun time with supporter from both side cheering and shouting!

I think they will be hooked for a long long time ! ha! ha! right brother!

(sorry I was not around cause someone fr japan came and I had to attent to him , as we are mass importing e japanese cards!) no hard feelings! I hav taken a photo of new born champion so he will be challenging at pasir ris whitesand and downtown ! look out and run if i were you .... ha ha!

Battle training: Red Scorpion vs Starburst Tarantula

New secret battle training for upcoming tournment in Jurong Point zone x and lot 1

visit youtube at the following link:

Animal Kaiser binder and rare cards of ver 7 & 8 found

Too shy for photo young chao wei (hope got ur name right) allow me to photo e original binder from japan and some ver 7 & 8 cards however the local machine cannot be uses!