Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Champ (Card) in Town For Children Day

This Champion Gorilla just change ownership, he he , that my boy Jia Hao! in time for Children Day present !

Under the leadership of the New Warlord , the Gorilla is expected to kill on almost very weekend ! ha ! ha !

Sorry after fighting in Japan dun think you can retire ,you are still expecting to fight again in Singapore !!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Now We are the king of Animals ! Not e Japanese!

With contributions from an japanese and a translator , we announce to everyone we have successfully hacked the barcode of all cards from Ver 1- 8DX and we are able to generate all the barcode successfully. Some Ver 8 DX are playable and workable in our local sets !

Special thanks to animal kaiser 999 the contributor !!!!
We would be selling this winning formula @ a very special price !
email me for pricing !!!!!
This may be the greatest children day Gift for all (big children) parent and kids! he ! he!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Awakening of a Gaint 巨人的覺醒!!! Big in CHINA !

First its the empire of the sun , then come the local English version that struck Asia, but now
The Awakening of a Gaint 巨人的覺醒! BIG IN CHINA !
Soon ! The market will be flooded with these cards!

Importer import the Japan cards from Japan at your own Risk! ha ! ha! Now they got struck ?!!!

These cards are cheap and workable, and it's slowly finding way into Singapore !!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New animal discover workable on our machine !

our New stock of cards arrival to our surprise we had made an amazing discovery!

We had 3 animal fully workable but we will only showcase 2 and leave the mystery animal untouch !

and alien L in version 8 are also workable !

youtube link now still uploading ...

Gold Red Scorpion (Version 6) Now on ebay starting bid @ $1

Due to fierce competition and high demand for the Gold Scorpion we had decide to put on New arrival from Japan on ebay for a very special starting bid ..... SIN $1...

so be sure to bid and try your luck! ......

ONLy $1.... pls bid and try .. we also we have an lowland Gorilla on bid starting @ $150

winner of the bid will get a new animal code ....

The Vampire Bats... yet to be release and useable in our local machine...

Our ebay site are as follow pls try to bid at your comfortable means...

Bronze Tournment Video

We will be uploading the video of round 1 and 2 so fan can have an idea which animal were use the bronze eagle is the winner !

the youtube link
Round 1 :
Round 2:

It's A Bronze Tournment @ Virtualand Bishan on 21/9/09

So once again Virtualand organise a special Bronze cards only tournament, I joint the compass point timezone gang as they had a group of 11, hoping to bully them, but the aunties were smart enough to only allow my kid to joint !!! ha! ha!

Not luck again! both of my kid were knock out by Champion Wife (Nickname : The Punch)

She were told to press hard to get focus so she punch the buttion soooo hard till the hand got ........see attach photo ha!ha!

But it was a happy ending for her as her husband volunteer to assist Sky the supervisor in Round 3 tournament!

We would also like to thanks Sky for everything he had done to ensure a smooth tournament although we and the supporter were quite noisy all animal kaiser fan PS bring your ear plug when you faces this group !! Photo Attach so you will recognise them.... ha ha!

It's Children Day @ downtown E-hub Zone X

The Draw on 20th Sept show 6 family with their kids, 5 family draws their tournment position and were surprised to face their own kids, including me and my daughter ! All of us made noise but we silent by the only family who had a good draw position.

But the amazing thing for this tournment and I find it most amusing is father faces son, most father somehow choose to die, some uses one card only That's is only animal cards, other choose to act till round 3 (Ah Boon) which got scolding by me for wasting time!!

I used the new card from japan Alien Egg L for preview but only lasted 2 round to let my daughter through the next round!

The result : That family who had a great draw position got the Champion Lion and
my boy Jia hao got runner-up again!

Not Luck ! ha! ha!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Animal kaiser Album For Sale

Limit stock @ $20

pls sms 97729806 for order !
Come in 2 design

444 Victory vs this 551 Rare Japanese cards?

Will this 444 cards seem the strongest in ver 4 ,I hav find out this card that appear in Ver 8

but we do not know whether the machine can work , we will be importing in this card to try!

P/s : Sun's approach current work well with red scorpion and gorilla, they hav survivor effect but only come in first kill (that is only 1 effect out of three round) but it does mega damages by 2 kill KO if you press miracle and win!!!!!
This mega damages is like black hole in Shark!
So to me this 444 is still by most the most, most most powerful cards .....

you can add your comment here!!!
All animal kaiser Fan....pls comments?!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Rare Cards from Japan !!Just arrive!

to be put on ebay on Auction!
pls be patient !
there would be more cards!
on the way !!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rare original Blue Tiger Siegfried For Sale

Rare original Blue Tiger usuable in our local machione on Sale in ebay!

staring bid $180..

also request by TCS actress kid to relist the red scorpion @ $300 on ebay for 3 days only!

Interested please bid, seller willing to sell @ $300 only!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sun Approaching, Black hole, Silver Hippo, Sabre Tooth for ebay auction !

More Rare cards now available for auction in ebay !

Suitable for Children Day present !

Limited stock , hurry pls bid to be fair!

Sun Approaching (SOLD @ $160) unavailable, Black hole asking $160 available , Silver Hippo (SOLD @ $160)
stock : 01 left still in ebay!

Gold Ver 8 Sabre Tooth ! asking $160...

Animal kaiser BIG IN TAIWAN

Look animal kaiser now available in Chinese, launches in Taiwan , soon .... China .... ha ! ha!

Be prepare for Global WarZone ......

Most Senior Champion @ lot 1

Congratulation to our senior champion who won our technical consultant Chan who came in as runner-up in round 2!
(That's the grand-daughter PS dun mistaken she did not won the champion, the grandfather did ! ha! ha!)

will sometime it all goes down to Luck!

My daughter also came in second in round 1.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fate of dinosaurking and Mushiking ???????

the dinosaurking and the mushiking are making their way back to japan ! Hope our animal kaiser will be able to last ! Card-trader from both of the machine will be running out of business, and my business will be face with fierce competition! ha! ha! As they come in to trade and import cards from japan! Market will soon be flooded with japanese card.... (a little hint)....

Normal card Tournament held only @ Virtualand

promise to cover the photo,
Tournament held in Ang Mo Kio Big Mac Centre (VIRTUALAND + LAN) round 1
@ 2pm on 6th Sept 2009
congratulation to the first time winner!

video of the final to be uploaded in our you-tube!
Guess which animal win????

More rare Animal Trailers

Both Trailera are added in our you-tube


Jeo and kid the tiger:

Blue tiger (siegfried):

More Trailers on our You-tube