Sunday, February 27, 2011

Digimon Trading Cards Ver !!!!

Toy figure in demand

with the launch of captain American , Green lantern , Thor ..
The price of this figuring will be inflated ......

We will be collecting them and selling them......

Zone X Pass for seaters in United Sq ...

Ver 6 on the way


could this be the one.....LOL !!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Killer whale turns great white shark into prey

SAN FRANCISCO - Whale-watchers off the coast of San Francisco witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime act of nature when they saw a killer whale turn a great white shark into its prey.

The stunned whale-watchers gaped and whipped out their cameras as they saw the killer whale break the surface of the water holding a great white shark in its mouth.

The captain of the boat told National Geographic that the whale was holding the shark "like a cat with a mouse, just showing off".

The killer whale causes the shark to become immobile with a technique called "tonic immobility". It rams into the shark at high speed, stunning it. Then, it holds the overturned shark between its teeth until the shark dies from suffocation.

The whale then feasts on the dead shark.

Killer whales are intelligent creatures and can learn from each others. Therefore if one killer whale discovers this weakness in a shark, others in the same pod can learn the shark-killing technique by observation.

This then becomes a hunting technique that the killer whale pod uses. Evidence of this attack, which occurred in 1997, also shows that the great white shark is no longer at the top of the food chain, a popular belief held by marine biologists.

Mon, Feb 21, 2011

Badminton dance mix

Crazy Badminton

30 rounds of smashing.......

Fan Made The Avengers Trailer

Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America - The Avengers Movie 2012: Beyond The Trailer

X-men : First Class

Battlestar Galactica officially reopens

AFTER a 10-month closure, Universal Studios Singapore's (USS) signature attraction - the Battlestar Galactica - reopened to the public on Monday, Feb 21. The ride, which features two roller coasters that can reach speeds of up to 90kmh, suspended operations on March 25 last year due to a technical glitch - just weeks after the main theme park opened.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Badminton Satellite Centres for Sports Development

Badminton Satellite Centres for Sports Development
by "Singapore Badminton Association"

If you are between 6 and 16 years old, have an interest in badminton, and do not know where to sign up to play, our Satellite Centre is your answer.

Venue: North Vista Primary School - Indoor Sports Hall, 20 Compassvale Link, Singapore 544974

Overview: 12 weeks of Badminton using games-based approach including instruction from qualified coaches.

This course will also feature occasional guest appearances by our national team players and coaches.

Duration: Once a week for 12 weeks (Please look out for our commencement dates)

Course Fee: $192.60 (inclusive of 7% GST)

Training session: Choose 1 out of the following 3 sessions

■Saturday, 3pm - 5 pm
■Sunday, 10am - 12nn
■Sunday, 1pm - 3pm

Age Group: Participants will be divided into 3 age groups:

■6 - 8 years old
■9 - 11 years old
■12 - 16 years old

To register, please complete the badminton satellite centre application form and return to us by mail with your cheque payment made payable to "Singapore Badminton Association"

Click on the following links to download the application form:

Course Level

Badminton Satellite Centre Beginner


AK testing screen ...

You would get to see this....LOL

Badminton Tournament

I had been busy later update on my blog due to my kid Inter school badminton Tournament .....Jia Hao is in Anderson Primary School.....
We beat evergreen , rivervale Primary and manage go into top 8 in North Zone...which consist of Current Champion....Monfort Junior , Maris Stella Pri, Nan Chiau Pri Rosyth pri (Junior Sport Academy ) Training Centre...
They are tough to beat we are just like the little Falcon Vs Scorch ....LOL !!!!!

Here the hightlights....

Anderson Vs Monfort Junior ( Current Champion Winner)
We lost..........LOL !!! 15-21 18-21...we were close...LOL !!!!

AK Tournament Falcon Vs Scorch

A kid was seen using Falcon to fight with our ultimate Ver 5 Scroch ...
this kid is full of confidence however the end result.... ?????

We salute to this kid.......LOL !!!!

(Champions League) Arsenal Vs Barcelona

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The final Goodbye Trailers ....Ver 14

Our Very own bleyblade Tournament Wii...

We hav incorporate the Wii game with bleyblade...special thanks to all cathay Staffs...@ the AK clubs...

A guest from Indonesia and its AK Album

The kid from Indonesia was found carrying this strange AK albums with Liga as its cover design....during the Ak league...