Thursday, May 30, 2013

animal kaiser Evol 7 seq ....on youtube..... w OST (Movie soundtrack)

pls make sure you use with extreme care ...... as there ar a group of Extremis ... royal to "Uncle ..... " aka The Mandarin you will see him in Iron man 3 movie LOL !!! He out there to bully e kids with sequence be very wise and carefully when u fish cards...

DECK A: the sequence of STEEL!!! DECK B: G I DECK DECK C : AK into Darkness...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free Card Sequence for all !!!!! but Fast & Furious Mode !!!!!

From where I come from 1 deck seq is powerful enough ...........

DECK D..........

However you will need to be fast and furious in order to copy the seq down now get ready a pen and papers .......

Full set of Power Ranger Card Acquired .......

Special thanks to my Indonesia Fisherman !!!!!!!

Photos: Clone yourself using a 3D printer


The idea of printing 3D objects used to be confined in the realms of sci-fi movies and imagination. What used to be a novelty is starting to gain traction in society, as 3D printers become more affordable and technologically-refined. With the ability to 'print' almost anything, the blueprints of several objects are becoming available online

Monday, May 13, 2013

Advancing the Tech

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Opening Cinematic

Man of steel trailer 3

Hand Up One Pieces


GAK Version 4 figurines with cards will be launched in Japan on 29 May 2013. There will be 10 figurines with cards to collect. There will be 2 bronze cards in this version, Phobos, the devil tiger and Kaiser Ryan. The other 8 normal cards are Kaiser Max (Friend Kaiser Jumbo, Kaiser Hippo, African Wild Dog, Smalltooth Sawfish, Great Horned Owl, Polar Bear (Friend Card) and Dark Scorpion.

Great Animal Kaiser ver 4 is here !!!!