Saturday, October 30, 2010

ebay On-line store setup.......

welcome to our newly setup ebay store...known as
Animal Kaiser Market Place...

catch all e Craziest Sale for the AK Cards....this Holiday Seasons.......

what we call ! Exam is over Sale !!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Legoland Malaysia ready in 2012

Animal Kaiser 2010 Timezone Grand Championship

Animal Kaiser 2010 Grand Championship
14 November 2010, 10 am at Timezone, City Square Mall

Register yourself now if you are a Gold Champion for Timezone Animal Kaiser 2010 Tournament!

Registration must be done by 10 November 2010 at the respective location where you have won.

Name list can be checked at all Timezone Centres. Approach our friendly Customer Service Team for more details or visit

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not an airport, it's a 'Spaceport'

IS THIS the 'airport' of the future? With the unveiling of its completed runway last Friday, Spaceport America in New Mexico is one step closer to sending the first commercial passenger spaceship beyond earth's stratosphere. The ride - Virgin Galactic's VSS Enterprise, a six-seat craft which is scheduled to carry paying customers into suborbital space by early 2012. Here's a look at this futuristic space port.
Photos: Spaceport America Conceptual Images URS/Foster + Partners, Mark Greenberg, AFP, Reuters / Text: AsiaOne,AFP

Monday, October 25, 2010

Animal Face-Off: Cougar Vs Bear

Animal Face-Off: Wolf vs. Cougar

Face of japan Kids in AK Tournament

go go gadget and Toy Music

A day in Tokyo Arcade Centers.....

This was film by Wong Family during their recent trips to Tokyo...
you will found soooo many different Version of Game machines.......



他是Benadi namco的產品, 所以跟Sega不同系統
(Sega就是甲蟲卡, 恐龍卡, 少女跳舞機)
表參道的大型玩具店kiddy land也沒有,
還好媽媽大人很聰明, 最後居然會使用日本的電腦上網找地址


真的不是很好找的地方, 首先請從新宿站的小田急百貨走到京王百貨
走到大馬路口在利木津往機場搭車處, 往前面看

但是往那棟建築物走, 它正後方有Starbucks的小巷子扭進去
我去了兩次, 每次都待四十分鐘左右
(地址: ヨドバシカメラ新宿西口店

於是我隔天去我最喜歡的銀座, 想說博品館畢竟是大玩具店比較有feel
博品館真的很好找啦, 只是從銀座地鐵出站是三丁目
各大名牌的旗艦店都蓋得超漂亮的, 所以走起來好開心


地址:博品館 TOYPARK 銀座8-8-11

最後一個點其實也很好找, 而且是唯一有椅子坐的
坐到涉谷地鐵往忠犬八公出口方向出來, 就是東急東橫百貨

說真的, 在那裡吹風好冷啊
不想花時間走路或問人的爸爸媽媽就來這裡吧, 還有椅子可以坐

渋谷2-24- 1東急百貨店内屋上遊園地

實在是太懶了, 所以我沒去台場店
眉君就是在台場玩具反斗城玩到的, 機台有第十代跟第八代兩台
但是因為是玩具反斗城, 所以競爭的小朋友就會多一點
(不像我兒去的地方都很荒涼, 一路玩到底, 完全沒人要跟他搶)
(地址:トイザらス お台場店
台場1-7-1 アクアシティお台場T101

附上日本百獸卡官網的地址查詢, 不只東京, 日本各地都查得到喔:
帶回一大堆日本強卡, 笑嘻嘻的回台灣

Animal Kaiser found in Toy Outpost

This some some card traders selling @ scape Toy Outpost....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shoot to thrill w Ironman 2 footage...By AC/DC

This is by far the most powerful MTV with 6 million hits......

Manchester City 0- 3 Arsenal

A similar item from Ver 11...Robot Gorilla in flea Market

A Win from my Daugher @ Doby Ghaut Zone X.....

Kesha -Animal Album Giftaway.....

Album Features Tuk Tok , Kiss N Tell , Your Loves is my drug and Blah , Blah , Blah......

Sony Dance competitions ...

with the famous mutton DJ as host for the Sony E45 walkman Launch...

Halloween Happening @ Scape...

We were again @ scape flea Market ...this saturday with also ..mutton on the show @ scape.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animal Face-Off: Gorilla Vs Leopard

Arms Attack & iMouth By MysteryGuitarman...

Animal Kaiser Ver 13 Vs Digimon Cards Preview .....

Woman acts after spotting 12 dogs heading for chopping block

heading for dinner table prompts Beijinger to take action

Twelve large dogs that were destined for the dinner table began new lives on Wednesday after a Beijing woman saved them.

The 12 were among 60 dogs being transported in appalling conditions by dog dealers in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Despite the best efforts of Li Jiahui, the other 48 dogs in the group were not so lucky.

Li, who is a vegetarian and who has a former stray dog as a pet, was in Inner Mongolia with friends when she encountered the dogs while driving on the Linhe section of the Beijing-Tibet expressway on Sept 30.

"I saw a medium-sized truck running in front of my car carrying dozens of large dogs in a cage," Li told METRO.

"The cage was absolutely tiny and they were all piled up on top of each other, stepping on each others' bodies. I could tell some of the dogs were dying."

Outraged, Li called police in Linhe city, who stopped the truck at a nearby toll station and questioned the driver.

Li said she had a good look at the dogs and could see many of them were wearing collars, suggesting they had been pets.

Li said the owner of the truck, a man named Jiang Zongjin, told her he was taking the 60 dogs from Yinchuan, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, to a kennel in Linhe where he would sell them for 100 yuan each. He said they would then be resold to nearby restaurants.

With help from the police, Luo Ronggui, the owner of a nearby kennels, agreed to look after the dogs temporarily while they waited for the Beijing-based China Small Animal Protection Association (CSAPA) to intervene and buy them.

Sadly, by the time the dogs arrived at Luo's kennels, 15 of the 60 were dead.

And when the CSAPA and the police got in touch with Luo after the National Day holiday, Luo said only 21 dogs were still alive and he said they had been repossessed by Jiang who had taken them back to Yinchuan. Li said Jiang insisted he would not sell the 21 remaining dogs to the CSAPA for less than 9,200 yuan.

Upon their arrival at Linhe on Monday, CSAPA staff found only 12 dogs remained. They struck a deal to buy them for 4,200 yuan and take them to Beijing.

Li said it was tragic that only one-fifth of the dogs could be saved and she called on people to pay more attention to the living conditions of small animals in China.

Zhou Runrun, who works for CSAPA, told METRO the association receives calls appealing for help to save small animals every day. During incidents such as the one involving Li, they can only get things done with help from the police.

"Dog dealers are irresponsible," she said. "But the police can do nothing more than talk to them because of a lack of relevant laws."

Zhou said there are no regulations governing acceptable conditions for transporting dogs and there are no laws about the quarantine inspection standards for dogs because they are not recognized as edible animals. In addition, there is not an animal protection law.

"All we can do right now is buy them from the dealers," she said.

-China Daily/Asia News Network
By Wu Wencong

Wantanme Special Protector.....

self- made T-virus,,,,,,?????

More custome- made cards......

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

iphone 4 ? Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Wi-Fi Presentation

As he tries to show off features of the new iPhone 4, Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Wi-Fi connection fails twice, bringing his World Wide Developers Conference keynote to an uncomfortable standstill.

CNETTV | June 07, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wantame cats machine will be here ??? finally here ???

secret info from Zone X, we hav confirm the wantame cats machine ..launching soon, on the way mass deployment of wantame cards on all my outlets........LOL....

Champion League Arsenal 5-1 Shakhtar Donetsk (Group H) 19-10-2010

2 more Ver 13 clip added ....

Monday, October 18, 2010

iPhones in toy-catcher machine snapped up

He spent over $4,000 on iPhones and put them in his toy-catcher machine to attract more people to his shop. But four of the iPhones were won in a week.

AN IPHONE 4 in a toy-catcher machine? It sounds too good to be true.

But Mr Kelvin Lee, 24, who operates two such machines at the Golden Mile Food Centre, said he has given away four of the mobile phones as prizes since Oct 7.

And there is still one more to be won.

The machines are placed along the corridor outside Mr Lee's shop on the second storey of the mall. His shop offers repair and modification services for game consoles.

He came up with the idea of giving away iPhones as prizes to draw customers to his shop.

Mr Lee, who spent $4,440 to buy the iPhones, said he didn't put up signs to highlight the coveted prizes. The Apple website lists the price of a 16GB iPhone 4 as $888.

"My plan was to attract schoolboys and army boys to my shop, hoping they would see the iPhone and get their friends to come," he said.

"I thought it would take at least a week before anybody could win the first iPhone 4...I also expected the winner to spend at least $250 and take about two hours to win it."

Won in half an hour

But to his dismay, he said a man he believes is Australian spent only half an hour and less than $50 before winning an iPhone on the first day. Each try on the machine costs $1.

Said Mr Lee, who is himself an avid player of toy catchers: "I think it was sheer luck because even an expert in toy catchers would take at least an hour."

The next day, two women won an iPhone each.

Each took almost two hours and spent less than $200, said Mr Lee.

The fourth iPhone was won the day after that by a man who spent $79 in an hour.

Said Mr Lee: "I knew that putting up the iPhone 4 as a prize would mean a loss to my business, but I thought it could help raise the profile of my shop...But in the last week, only about 10 people came by my shop.

"I am disappointed because I didn't expect the iPhones to be won so quickly. I thought it would take about a week for each iPhone to be won."

Mr Lee said he had planned to put another five iPhones in the toy catchers but is now undecided because of the dismal traffic to his shop.

He claimed that he used to collect about $10 from both machines every day.

Over the weekend, he said he collected about $200, excluding the amount spent by the winners.

One more phone left

His shop was closed on Monday, and since then, he said, hardly anyone has played the machine, which still had the fifth iPhone.

He added that he was surprised when someone posted a picture of an iPhone 4 box in the toy catcher on citizen journalism website Stomp. Shin Min Daily News carried a report about iton Oct 8.

The fourth winner, Mr Claudio Chua, 27, who works in the airline industry, said he visited the shop after seeing Stomp and the Shin Min report.

"I was sceptical that there could be such a prize.

Then I thought perhaps it was a fake iPhone. But when I saw the iPhone 4 box in the machine, I decided to try to win it."

He said he took his friend to the shop over the weekend to try his luck, but the latter left empty-handed after spending about $80.

According to Mr Lee, each winner is allowed to win the iPhone only once.

Mr Lee said he had bought the toy catcher machines, which cost $1,500 each, in June to get rid of the more than 300 stuffed toys he had won from similar machines.

He said he became hooked on the machines in February and spent about $7,000 within two weeks, winning about 300 stuffed toys.

"I felt stupid to have spent that much because I could have bought several toy-catcher machines myself. So I did that," he said.

"I thought I could continue to amuse myself and at the same time get rid of the toys I collected."

'Ingenious, but not profitable'
ARCADE operators contacted by The New Paper say this is the first time they have heard of an iPhone 4 being offered as a prize in a toy catcher machine.

These machines, also known as claw machines, toy grabbers or crane machines, are usually filled with stuffed toys.

Mr Vincent Song, 27, the business development manager of Virtualand and Star factory game arcades, which has 11 outlets here, said he was surprised to hear of this.

He said: "It is an ingenious idea to raise publicity for the shop, but in the long run, it would not be profitable."

Mr Song said one of the most expensive prizes offered in Virtualand and Star Factory outlets is the PlayStation 3 console for a game called the Stacker, where players stack blocks on top of each other. They win a prize if the blocks reach a certain level.

Mr Lao Jiwei, 26, owner of Prize Stage which has six outlets, said he has heard of iPhones being used as prizes in toy catcher machines in the US. He has about 50 toy catcher machines at his Marina Square outlet.

He said that while putting up such a lucrative prize might attract people for a while, it would not be sustainable.

Miss Evi, 28, the marketing manager for Timezone, which runs 15 game arcades, said its toy catchers carry only plush toys as prizes as the machines are designed to pick up toys.

She said its game arcades offer the iPhone as a premium prize, but only at the prize redemption counter.

By Hedy Khoo,
The New Paper | Photo: The New Paper | 18-10-10

Ver 13 Game play Trailers :- Ultimate Zeka

Ver 13 Game play Trailers :- Ultimate Rare

Ver 13 Game play Trailers :Purple lion

Ver 13 Game play Trailers :-Puffy fish

Ver 13 Game play Trailers :-Galaxy Animal

special thks to Mr Seigo Matsuda (our japanese blogger) for his hard work......
more videos coming........LOL !!!!

New AK Ver 13 Ads found in Comics...