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Thor - Official Trailer 2

Angry Birds cause a flap

The early arrival in Singapore of Angry Birds soft toys ahead of their official date has ruffled some fans of original computer game

A popular puzzle video game called Angry Birds, which has been downloaded millions of times as an iPhone application, is causing a flap in more ways than one in Singapore.

The distinctive cartoon birds from a game originally developed in Finland have now winged their way off the screen to become huggable soft toys coveted by fans all over the world. They are officially due to arrive in Singapore only next month at the big toy stores and are being brought in by Megcorp and Co, the licensed distributor of Angry Birds plush toys in Singapore.

However, some of the coveted soft toy birdies have flown in under the radar already.

The early birds popped up at a SingTel booth at the IT Show 2011 at Suntec Convention Centre recently to the delight of fans. They were obtained from the game's developer, Finnish-based Rovio Mobile, through a supplier in the United States, according to a SingTel spokesman. SingTel was using the soft toys in promotions.

Angry Birds plush toys have also been spotted in several locker consignment shops around the island. It is not known if these Angry Birds from unofficial suppliers are the real deal from Rovio, like SingTel's were, or knock-offs.

They are for sale at Toy Outpost outlets in VivoCity and Jurong Point, as well as at Magic Cube & Novelties in Shaw Towers, retailing from $15.90 to $49.90, which at the higher end is less than the Rovio price on the Internet.

The managers of all three stores declined to reveal their sources under agreement obligations.

A Megcorp spokesman said: 'Of course the company would be concerned about our sales being affected by the plush toys already available, but ultimately it is the customers' choice. They can be assured that Megcorp toys have gone through several rounds of safety tests.'

The birds in the computer game are launched at pigs by players with 'slingshots' using strategic angles with the intention of killing all the pigs. The toys have been sold over the Internet by Rovio since last December at prices ranging from US$11.99 (S$15) to US$59.99, excluding shipping fees. International sales have already crossed the two million mark.

At the SingTel booth at the IT Show, the birdies' knitted brows and piercing gazes caused a stir. The toys produce a sound similar to the squawks made by their screen versions.

Fans of the SingTel Facebook page had the chance to win an Angry Bird toy by trying their hand at the booth's UFO catcher machine.

The first 200 customers daily to purchase an Android phone with a SingTel 3G Flexi plan at the four-day IT Show also received an Angry Bird toy.

On the potential flap over the toy Angry Birds' early arrival, some fans are ruffled while others are just happy the eagle has landed.

Safety assurances and quality are the top concerns of Ms Shirlyn Su, a 30-year-old care coordinator who has a son, one, and daughter, five. She says: 'I don't mind buying cheaper soft toys if they are of reasonable quality, even if they're made in China. Otherwise, I am willing to pay a higher price for safety assurance.'

However, there are already satisfied customers, such as Mr Patrick Choy, a 35-year-old technical consultant. The father of two daughters aged eight and six was spotted by LifeStyle leaving Toy Outpost in VivoCity carrying two Angry Birds plush toys.

'My girls love to play the Angry Birds game on my iPhone,' he says, adding that he plans to give the toys as a birthday present to one of them soon.

Still, there is nothing like the real deal for some fans. Mr Sim Shi Xian, 21, spent around $50 on two plush toys ordered from Rovio.

Mr Sim, a student, says: 'I got them as a Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend, who also likes the iPhone application a lot. She was really happy with the plush toys.'
By Evelyn Lee
Mar 27, 2011
Lifestyle The Sunday Times

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Gunners' title hopes ended

Arsenal's dream of lifting the title appears to be over for another year after Tamir Cohen's 90th-minute header gave Bolton a 2-1 win. The Gunners remain nine points behind Manchester United with four games left.

The new ver of bleyblade with LED ????

5 Top on bleyblade ?


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Tottenham Hotspur 3-3 Arsenal English PL 20.04.11

Wenger's team slipped to third position in the table after Chelsea's 3-1 win over Birmingham, but the Frenchman insisted his team will continue to fight after their North London derby setback.

"It's not over ... we'll fight," Wenger Sky Sports.

Special cards with signature

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The Mother of All The lawsuits : Apple Sues Samsung For Copying iPhone, iPad

Apple's pulling out the big guns against Samsung.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has filed suit against Samsung for patent and trademark infringement.

Apple alleges that Samsung has purposely modeled several of its Android products after Apple's hit iPad and iPhone devices.

Among the offenders are Samsung's Galaxy line of tablets and smartphones. Apple claims that the design, hardware, and interface features of Samsung's gadgets too closely resemble those of iDevices.

"It's no coincidence that Samsung's latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging," an Apple rep told All Things D. "This kind of blatant copying is wrong, and we need to protect Apple's intellectual property when companies steal our ideas."

Justin Bieber My World Tour (Singapore): Love Me

Bieber Barber Shop in Singapore ????

Aisyah getting her hair cut in the Bieber Barber Shop to win tickets to see Justin Bieber tonight!!

Justin Bieber Landed in Changi Airport Singapore

Justin Bieber landed in Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 2 on Lufthansa Airlines. He’s in one of the many hundreds of hotels in Singapore now.

Singapore beliebers.. go and find him! jk

ps: Do you know in which hotel he’s staying while in singapore?

Justin Bieber's Haircut On Ellen Show February 23 2011

Justin Bieber Talent Competition At Hard Rock Cafe in Singapore

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The official trailer for the second season of Beyblade Metal Fusion - Beyblade Metal Masters

The official Theme Song

The 2011 BEYBLADE XTS: EMTREME TOP SYSTEM line includes:


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $7.99/Available: Fall 2011)
Pack incredible power behind your battles with the BEYBLADE EXTREME TOP SYSTEM assortment! The unique tornado design enables these tops to battle more extreme, tilt, weave, and spin, adding extra action to every launch and helps to give players the edge they need to secure a win. Each sold separately


Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/ Available: Fall 2011)
Stun your opponent by adding the BEYBLADE EXTREME TOP SYSTEM-ELECTRO-SPIN TOP assortment to your collection. These preassembled, high intensity tops are packed with flashing LED lights that create designs and read how fast your top is spinning and dramatic battle sounds for intense BEYBLADE battles. Each sold separately.


Challenge your competitors with controlled BEYBLADE top moves with the BEYBLADE EXTREME TOP SYSTEM IR SPIN CONTROL assortment. Players can move their BEYBLADE IR tops left, right, or even give them a “power boost” of more speed during battles. Each sold separately.

History of Bleyblade

Beyblade (爆転シュート ベイブレード, Bakuten Shūto Beiburēdo?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takao Aoki. Originally serialized in CoroCoro Comic from 2000 to 2002, the individual chapters were collected and published in 14 tankōbon volume by Shogakukan. The series focuses on a group of kids who form teams with which they battle one another using highly powerful spinning tops called "Beyblades" which are enchanted with magical spirits.

The manga is licensed for English language release in North America by Viz Media. The manga was adapted into a three season anime series. The first season, spanning 51 episodes, aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from January 8, 2001, to December 24, 2001. The second season, Beyblade V-Force, ran for another 51 episodes from January 7, 2002, until December 30, 2002. The third season, Beyblade G Revolution, also spanned 51 episodes (the 51st was a double-length special but was split into two episodes for the Western release) and ran from January 6, 2003, until its conclusion on December 29, 2003. The seasons are licensed by Nelvana for an English-language release in North America.

A new series of Beyblade has been released in 2009 (2010 in U.S.), entitled Beyblade: Metal Fusion (known as Metal Fight Beyblade in Japan). It features a new cast of characters and Beyblades. A sequel series has also been released in 2010 (2011 in U.S.), called Beyblade: Metal Masters.

Beyblade Collectible Trading Card Game Review

The exciting dueling action of the Beyblade TV show and video games has been crammed into the collectible Beyblade Trading Card Game from Decipher. Now, with the Collision starter decks, you can collect all the most powerful Beyblade parts so your deck will rule the Beystadium and crush all your opponents! Read this review for the 411 on whether this strategy card game is awesome or awful.

Beyblade Trading Card Game Dueling Basics
The Beyblade TCG is a game of dueling Beyblades and it's up to your skill and strategy to help you win. Each player builds a deck of cards and starts the duel by putting down their Beyblade card and a stack of "Spin" cards. Then each player takes turns playin' cards, matching card colors to see who wins an attack, then matching card "Battle Edges" to do damage by removing cards from the other player's Spin cards. There's a "Basic" game mode which is simple enough for any player and is a great way to get started. The "Advanced" mode has a ton of extra card powers for advanced strategies and players.

Cool Features of the Beyblade Trading Card Game
The Basic and Advanced game modes are a great way to make sure that everyone can play the game and still keep it interesting. There are also cool extras like decals for your cards, collectible foil cards and more. The best part of the game is the Battle Edge - each card has up to six symbols and matching them up against other cards lets you see if you win/lose/tie a challenge. It's a great way to make the game slightly random.

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革命篇」劇場予告編 Part 2

The most craziest moment ??????

Arsenal saw their Premier League title hopes all but extinguished in a dramatic 1-1 draw with Liverpool.

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