Monday, May 31, 2010

The most stylist Game Play

AK Siao spotted this pairs of Aunties ...They should get jackpot instead of Doubling....Both of them first time playing AK cause their grandson wanted to Join for fun... This sure proof one things, it is family bonding game.....

Special Thanks to All Committee Volunteer !!!

The Winners for the team battle is ....

Team Unbeaten won 42 teams ...having a striaght wins all the ways...
bringing the lady luck with them @ the Expo...
The runner up is Jayster Teams...

Both award were film and uploaded in our You-tube...

Dress To Kill

This team known as Olive Tree won adhoc prizes....sponsor by Uncle Joe
a PCs of Ultimate Rare Special Ops Leo
They are the best dress Team .....

The Team that came from Indonesia

Mr Sika fly all the way from Indonesia to take part our AK Team Battle , they did not loose and fight all the way to the last 8...they beaten only in the semi-final....not kelong la....
LOL...he is also known to be also fisherman from Indonesia ....He can fish a lot of if u want cheap SOL you know who to call....LOL....

8 Teams That outbeat the Rest

This are the 8 teams photos that went into semi-finals....

Prizes for the Team Battle

These are Prizes from the sponsors .....

1)Wong Family :- 3 pcs Promo (Purple Lion + Raccoon + Red Bear )
2)Kelvin (3 Pack of AK Cracker with Cards)
3)Stanley Fr Hougang Shop owner (3 BIG series Miniature Toy)
4)Myself (3 Ver 11 WG series + later Bronze Master Leo Miniature w cards)
5)Uncle jeo (SOL for the best Dress Team)
6)IAH :-1 set of Ver 3 complete sets + complete Ver 3 silver Cards for runner up + Swensen's Vouchers for all Teams....

Volunteer @ work

We found lion king and Space shutter and managed to film them in action...
+ Uncle jeo and Ah Boon hard @ work...

More photo's of Team battle

Hightlight for the Event -Team Battle...

some event photo being taken....all familiar faces ....same group of supporters @ the animal fiesta ....same fans here .. its a small community out there...but with huge traffic jam outside the Expo Hall...LOl...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Parking Situation Had not Improve

Pls report there earlier for the Team Battle Tournament if u are travelling by car cause the Parking Situation on Day 2 had not improve !

Friday, May 28, 2010

Beware of Heavy Parking (30 min queue ) @ Singapore Expo for Licence To play…

If u are using public transport it ok .... you wont be affected, but if u are driving there by car if will hav a hell opf problem, cause there is no lots , u need to queue as long as 45 mins to get into carparks ....
i think there is really really pack w all hall full of event like ....
John little, Popular , food fair , audio show ... there .....

you can choose to park @ simei or changi Airport take a MRT down to Expo !
It is much easier .... I did that today after AK committee alerted me…

sms 90690147 if u are in doubt, pls try to go there earlier if u are driving....

You r right, jam all the way with so many event happening. try walk there like me , healthy lifestyle ma............Mrt also jam and squeezey..... By Wang


its very chaotic at expo......

for those wanna park i think no way u can park at the carpark unless u willing to q al least 1 hr to 2 hrs plus…

i went there at 1030am and already jam pack sigh....
lucky i went straight to changi biz park and park it there but have to walk a distance but also illegal parking

Popular book fair, John Little sales, L2play, Food fair, Asia Conference etc.....

even when u wanna pay also need to q for 2 hrs which happens to me at popular book fair…

as for the Ak tourney the hall 6b is the one nearnest to the MRT station . so boys and girls going by themselves pls be alert too.. its the first hall when u just pass the 7 -11 .


The Conqueror Game

The conqueror Game start @ 2pm but in-order for you to win , you need to beat the traffic (car parking problem in expo) , beat the crowd, beat your opponents and win as many player as possible to collect a star stamp chop...

The Game came to a draw with 2 tie of 11 chop each , I am lucky enough to witness a final showdown with the 2 family ... The winner uses Lowerland Gorilla + Winning Glory + Approach Sun

Video of the fight scence will be up-loaded in youtube....

The winner actually walk away with the sets plus the whole board behind them...

Licence To Play

Caught William Kong in action, in this exhibition ....
and some photos ...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Battling Chart

Team No. allocation by IAH

There will be some teams walking over

KOH Family 36
AK Dinosaurs 35
Team Chiwawa 14
AK Lover 28
Perfect Match 31
AK Legacy 47
AK Dynasty 39
AK Clan 9
Jurong Point Champion 62
Universal Studio 20
RJR Scorpians 63
dinosaurking 32
Wong Family 52
Disney Pooh 51
Heng & Xuan 44
The Black Knights 6
The Best 11
Super Lighting 24
Ocean Trio 40
Gold Champions 30
A K Empire 33
Animal Rangers 54
King of Animals 23
AK@Work 10
AK Sutra 16
SeanDonLoo 13
unbeaten team 4
Chua’s Family 5
Jayster 49
2325AK 27
team doubling 38
luna sharks 7
AK Spears 8
Malcolm 17
Donovan 34
Lion King 60
The Kaisers 56
champ siegfried 48
Golden Warrior 19
AK Masters 2
Olive Tree 15
Hydroxide 41
Frozen claw 46
The White Cobras 22
TEAM101 58

Point to Note for Team Battle Tournament

Congragulation to everyone who have registered. . .

Due to overwhelming response, the organiser have decided to accomadate all 50 teams that have registered before the closing date. The match no. is allocated at random by IAH.

Match 1 - Nos 1- 32 @1pm
Match 2 - Nos 33 - 64 @2:45pm
Registration from 11:30am to 12:30pm at IAH counter for both match.
Payment of $10 upon registration. Please bring along your ID for verification duirng registration.

- During registration, team leader will determine the playing order for their team members and put on the team sticker provided.
- Only English version cards are allowed. Players are allowed to change cards in between matches. However, at any one match, players are only allowed to bring 3 cards (Animal/Strong/Miracle) to the machine.
- Winning teams will be determined based on the best of 2 out of 3 games.

There will be some teams walking over

Animal Kaiser – The King of Animals!

Animal Kaiser – The King of Animals!

Come experience the excitement and fun Animal Kaiser machines at One Asia Gaming!
in The licence to play exhibition

What To Expect
•Showcase of Version 3
Version 3 boasts a host of new additions such as a new boss, and for followers of the game, rare gold cards like the ‘Special Ops Leo’, which was a boss in Version 2, and the debut of the new ‘Lowland Gorilla’ character. Try it out, only at One Asia Gaming.
•Animal Kaiser Conqueror Challenge (2pm-4pm)
Unleash your favourite Animal and prove you are the Conqueror in our ‘live’ Animal Kaiser Challenge! Winner stays and takes on new challengers; the defeated rejoins the queue. Winner of each match earns an AK Crown, and the player with the most Crowns that day wins… a complete deck of Version 3 cards!!
•Animal Kaiser Team Challenge sun (11am-4pm)
AK is a fun, clean game for family bonding, and the AK community here is proving just that. In yet another community-organized event, entire families will team up to do battle at the Animal Kaiser Team Challenge! (This is a private competition; registration closed to public)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking forward to sponsorship of prizes ..

We hav limited resources from IAH so we are seeking sponsorship of prizes of 1st and roundup ....
pls help if u can....
looking forward for the above...
All prizes are not confirmation till given by IAH and AK committee....

Team tournament Battling Chart

This is subject to confirmation from IAH , the draw is done by IAH ...

Hope everyone is happy and we shall all meet on Sunday ....
Good luck....