Monday, November 30, 2009

Yet Another 2 Animal discover !!!!

This time we hope to end our hunt ! Last animal flower mantis contributed by Xiaver Mum, and the other one was found by my kid from a deck of 3000 cards that came in this morning....

This card actually stated that Lion leo is 2 yrs old and had bandage in leg and face !!!!

but when use , it 'G' atttack actually contain the MOVE OF MASTER LEO???!!!!!!!....
Really shocking .....all bystanded shouted when my kids uses e card in Timezone Northpoint !!!
LOL....lion now got wings and can fly ...... not ver 2 la....LOL...


Youtube Link:

Friday, November 27, 2009

All best to all taking part this weekend Timezone and Zone X

We would like to wish all taking part (*this sat and sun ) in e TIMEZONE tournament to focus ur very fast !

Some last week winner are uploaded here !!! They are all first time CHAMP !!!!

Dobby Ghuat and LOT 1

PLs NOTED : someone complaint in ZONE X !!!! now baby play also need birth cert ! no easylink no Champ lion ???????
no more rd 2 in e-hub ...... (rd 1 and rd 2 ) together in E-hub to avoid pple taking part in 2 rds @ one weekend......
no more lobang ........LOL....... so now have to switch on killing mode...... even my dog also e night @ 7-eleven ......

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last hunting Trips

We hav hunt down e very last barcodes for this killer whale and hope this is the last hunting trips although bows and arrow are use during e hunting trips (hints: barcode were obtained from Boon Hua (simplt toys ) The DM Archery are just beside them !!!!! So we help ourself w some funs of arrowing time ....

Youtube link:
Killer Whale 1:
Killer Whale 2:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Special contribution from Xavier's Father !!!!

Special thanks to Mr Wong , Xavier's parents who make it possible for All AK fans to view the latest ver 9 Game play,
Youtube links is as follows:
3)snake w life health of 1000:
10)Golden Bull:

making it possible for all AK to view this 10 clips without buying an air ticket to Japan!
LOL.....any contribution is welcome ....sms me ....if u hav any more clips from japan.....

the youtube links for each clip is list below !

Indian Rhino promotion cards found working in our version

Discover by my kids and insisted that he had saw someone using it before ! I had no choice but to go through e whole hunting process and film this clips !
Believe to be also working is e dolphin but still hunting e cards....

Sneak preview of Local ver 2 !

This is from e official website ! seems like this no upgrade from the looks of it but rumors said they maybe upgrade of hardware ? we still unable to confirm ????

Ver 10 launching in mid Dec

Ver 10 boss- the flying snake available in Ver 10 cards + ninja animals + ver 10 boss -moths

Friday, November 13, 2009

Timezone Tournament Now GAME ON !

Hurry! Registration starts now! Limited to 16 participants for each centre.
Registration Fee: Free
Age Limit: 16 years and below

Tournament Date & Venue:

Saturday, 28 November 09, 10.30am - Timezone @ Parkway Parade, Tampines Mall, Northpoint, VivoCity, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Sembawang Shopping Centre & Great World City

Sunday, 29 November 09, 10.30am - Timezone @ Causeway Point, Compass Point, Tampines 1, Hougang Mall & West Mall

New Mystery Animal Discover ! Hammerhead Shark

Discover by this group of aunties , not our team....

credit should be given to the aunties... who won at Junction 8 , u know who are they !!!

Please take note that this is not ver 2 of animal kaiser u will be watching in my you-tube !

This came from a very very special cards among 1000 pcs of normal we indent from Japan !

Note : We are still using ver 1 but w a very very special barcode!

This is Hammershark vs indian Cobra ...both uses a special barcode in Ver 1 machine !

More Lots coming in next Wednesday

Thks for e supports 1 New shipment coming In Next Wednesday to support the outlets...

You can pre-order if u want or drop by the outlet to pre-order the Japanese AK cards!

sms or email me...

Shop Found at Suntec Level level 3 #03-53

This is not my outlets, and It not related to me but I find it interesting as both Boon Hua and Richard ) Partners are also selling Japanes and Local Cards at the shop!
All AK Fan can visit theirs store , pre-order from them as Richard travel to Japan frequently !
Their shop are located at level 3 above Carrefour and next to e theatre and e Star factory !
There are also a Archery shooting range beside the shop ! You can do a fun shoot at the Achery Range @ $5 for 12 arrow !

Pretty goods for AK fans to drop by ! Promise to advertise their shop in my blog ...LOL...


Free In-house production of Ah Dian pic with barcode of Holy elephant at the back (W HOLY BURST OF 555 IF BEATEN TO BLUE BLACK) ! COME DOWN TO dobby ghuat Zone x on sunday 15th Nov 2009 2.00pm ! in memory of e dog Ah Dian! limited to first 50 fans......too many pocket broke.. last tournmnet heard fr e staff !

My Regular customer and Blog follower can email me for free PDF soft copy of e barcode !

If you want to trade in your (normal cards only) I do buy back all your normal cards!

Meet me @ Dobby Ghuat MRT Zone X on 2pm and I will collect the dust from you !

sms 90690147 to confirm e price !

I hope I bring enough CASH TO DO THE BUY BACK !!!! LOL....

Youtube link of HOLY ELEPHANT :

Friday, November 6, 2009

Animal Kaiser Japan and Normal Card Now on Retail shops!

Had just release consignment to abts 50 retails outlets for all normal and Japanese Cards!
Both usable and Non-usable (@$3.00 ) per cards ! Up for Grab !…

Targeting more retail outlets....
So u this time u do hav to rush in and buy , last lots sold within 3 hrs at the stores ....

The cards can be found @ blk 88 commonwealth NB bookshop , Loyang Point Bookshop, whitesand bookshop, Independent Bookshop , Grassland Bookshop.. a lots of provision shops and Game shop and Card shop.....etc.

Pls email if u need e location
The foil cards are still not available yets, we are still busy topping up e shop w cards....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Young and Dangerous ??

Last week we feature family that won many times, this week again we would like to feature the Wong family which had won 10 times in different outlets, including Virtualand , Zone X and TimeZone . This kids may be young but dangerous ! so pls avoid this kids if you face them ...
An exhibits of their CHAMP LION Had been feature in e blog !
Note : The champ are won not bought !!!
Remarks : (the extra 3 are fr our family .. LOL we put it in so it shines , u do have to wear sunglasses to view them...Ha! Ha! )

Faked Cards in The Market which Real?

All AK Fans please note that there are now English version of pirate Cards in the markets , try to identify them if you can? which one is the real one ? we have provide some indicator of differing them (????) Those trade mark and logo which is missing are faked ! So dun exchange or trade them with your original cards !

Press Ad on SHIN MIN NEWSPAPER 28/10/09

This two articles are found on e SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS, reporting about Animal Kaisers

cards and Machines.