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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Battleship: Destroyer Experience Released As Companion App For Upcoming Movie

Following the box office success of the Transformers and G.I. Joe films, Hasbro is scheduled to release another movie based on one of its popular properties. This time, the property in question is the classic board game Battleship and the movie is called, well, “Battleship.” And ahead of the release of “Battleship” on May 18, the movie’s distributor, Universal Pictures, has launched a companion app called Battleship: Destroyer Experience in the App Store.

Battleship: Destroyer Experience is not an iOS version of the board game; there has long been an official Battleship game for iOS. Instead, it’s an app that lets you explore the USS John Paul Jones guided-missile destroyer as well as its extraterrestrial enemy craft, which is set to invade Earth’s waters.

Designed with loads of high-tech equipment, including weapons and control systems, the destroyer can be virtually explored by either using your device’s gyroscope or simply touching and swiping your device’s screen. The ship has four environments, and in each of these environments you can look around to find four hidden exclusive clips from the movie. That’s a total of 16 unlockable movie clips, probably enough to satisfy your excitement for the movie’s naval battles.

Battleship: Destroyer Experience is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

UFO spotted flying over Seoul

Thursday, Apr 12, 2012
A video filmed by a passenger flying over Seoul in South Korea on Saturday shows an unidentified flying object (UFO) soaring over the capital.

The mysterious white object floated into view and when the passenger zoomed into to get a better look, the spherical object appeared to instantly rise in altitude and disappeared.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by Crazybreakingnews who said: "It looks a little bit strange and not really similar to the other videos.

"If it's really real and not a fake, it looks like a kind of military drone."

Sceptics have also commented on the video, saying that it could be fake.

YouTube user Pseud0Name wrote: "When stabilised, it is eay to see what is going on with the video.

"The edges of the UFO are not blurred like all of the other background objects, it seems like a separate effect from the background, and in fact you can see edge noise on the shape of the UFO indicating it's a fake.

"It doesn't even look right if you start to look at it hard, especially slowed down frame by frame."

Another viewer, vicariousjojoe, said: "People, you should know by now what is fake and what's not. You can always tell by the way the camera moves and zooms."

Meanwhile, Digital Journal reported that a magnified view of the UFO appears to support the assumption that the video is computer-generated imagery.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Batman Dark Knight - Meet the BatPod

In e movie Dark Knight :-

If You Really Want to be Batman: Batpod Replica on eBay for $100,000
Batman fans with more money than brains might find it hard to resist this six-figure replica of the Batpod from The Dark Knight.

Described as a "full scale 1:1 working replica of the famous 'Batpod,'" this steel and fiberglass rig is powered by a nitrous-injected, 650cc engine and wears 508mm tires, grappling hooks, and all manner of faux weaponry including grenade launchers and .50 caliber machine guns. And in case you're on the fence, potential buyers should note that the fake Batpod is modeled on eBay by a couple of bikini-clad, high heel-wearing babes; truly, a sign of integrity in salesmanship.

The eBay listing mentions that though it's not street legal, this contraption has been ridden "in a controlled environment," and that one drive chain will be removed before it's sold, making it unrideable.

Tempted, but low on funds? Have no fear! In the extremely likely event that this fake Batpod doesn't sell for $100k on eBay, it will be up for grabs at a Barrett-Jackson auction in July; start scraping your pennies together!you need to match the wealth of Bruce Wayne to owe it !!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Rare BIG Toys from AK World

Nendoroid Plus : Cardfight!! Vanguard – Grade 01

Nendoroid Plus:

Cardfight!! Vanguard – Grade 01!

From the popular anime series, ‘Cardfight!! Vanguard” comes a set of miniature figures of characters and units from the series! Each figure also comes with one of three possible random Vanguard! cards – either “Wyvern Strike Gyuntor”, “Mithril Summoning Arts” or “Dark Dragon Monk, Makoraga”.

Each only costs 315JPY!!
An incredible price for both a figure and a Vanguard card!

One big box like the one above contains 9 small boxes!
Each small box contains a random character – you can’t tell what is inside. You just have to wait and see who you get!

Today I’ll be opening the boxes one-by-one until I have each of the figures to show on the blog! I’m looking forward to opening up Aichi and the Wyvern Strike Gyuntor card!