Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ver 4 seq ( Deck A-H ) for Sale !

We will be putting up on ebay for sale for seq (A-H) in pdf format for $50 , save the file in your iphone or smart phone and happy fishing...
with great seq come great $$$$... LOL...

pls email : for confirmation of order..

Sample seq from Deck A will be given !!!

Our Unopen Deck for Ver 4 had also arrived !!

We Will be invoice all who have pre-order the complete set of Ver 4 (80 pcs) with us ... we thank you for the long wait and will be shipping on Monday to Indonesia, Philippines. ..thks for your orders.
Ver 4 Seq of Deck A-H will be given free ...all the best fishing ....

The Long wait is over ... Ver 4 is here !!!!

yesterday ...receive a lots of calls ..the long wait is finally over, Virtualand launches it's Ver 4 finally ...
with ultimate boss , purple one-eye lion, we found it here to battle it, even our little AK fiesta champ Xenith Wong found hard to battle it...
come and try it ....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tekken Movie & Game Previews

This is brought to you by the same game producer company as Animal Kaiser , namco ...check out the two trailers...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

MegaZip Special Preview

The 2 Newest Attraction @ Sentosa

While collecting my freebie from e 2 organisation...I wonder into this 2 attraction...

Wild West at Singapore’s Sentosa
Desperados is the newest addition to Sentosa’s interactive entertainment zone. More than 8,000 visitors have played Singapore's first interactive shoot-out game since its soft-launch in February. The game boasts an Old West tavern theme, and allows up to 20 players to ride on motion-based saddles, gallop through an animated movie and gun down enemies with a handheld laser gun. Sentosa also has more in store, with a hydro sports centre, a nature centre and a Universal Studios theme park in the works.

MegaZip Adventure Park
Singapore's first adventure park with one of the longest and steepest zip wires in Asia, a 12 metre high ropes course, a free-fall parachute simulator and a challenging climbing ...

Free Complimentary ticket & Free $100 from Singapore Pool

Free Complimentary ticket for Voyage De Lavie($88 x 3 )& Free $100 from Singapore Pool during the World Cup 2010 Draw...believe it or not ...LOL ..I took the day off to go sentosa resort world to collect my freebie.. fearing that Holidays is coming... it will be crowded...

Beside it was the live betting lounge and cafe operated by Singapore Pools.
Took some photo cause the children cannot enter,, very very cool hi-tech gambling place where you can watch soccer live and also place live bet...

The Zone X Tiger Hunting seasons begins..8.8.2010

It's is good number to begins... ha ha...
We just want to highlight that Japan Cards are still usable in the tournament for Zone X ... so come with your Saturn saw, your alight planet to hunt your tiger..... wow maybe my Jap Ver 5 segfried can still be Lot1 , next sunday... I will be there to film the Tournament .... LOL...Registration fee $5...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Superman rescues family from foreclosure

While packing up the home they expected to lose, a family finds their hero stashed in the basement.

More than 70 years after Superman first saved the day in the pages of a comic book, the Man of Steel has reached out and saved a family in the real world.

Asylum reports that a family was packing up their belongings after their bank had started foreclosure proceedings, when they came across a box of comic books in the basement.

But this wasn't just any box, and the family suspected they'd struck gold when they discovered among the titles "Action Comics No. 1," the comic that introduced Superman to the world and brought to life the superhero genre, which remains popular to this day.

It also happens to be worth upward of $250,000. Asylum writes:

The house had been in the family's possession since the 1950s, which is probably when the wife's father stashed the issue in a box with some other, mere mortal titles.

When the family contacted Stephen Fishler, the co-owner of ComicConnect and Metropolis, he was naturally skeptical after receiving countless similar calls, of which "99.9%" turn out to be reprints, he told Asylum. But then they texted him a cell phone picture of its cover, which features Superman holding a car, and Fishler knew he'd found the key to comic book fans' collections all over the world.

Negatives purchased for $45 are believed to be lost Ansel Adams photos worth $200 million
The comic is expected to fetch more than a quarter-million dollars when it goes up for auction on ComicConnect -- and that's a low estimate. In February of this year, an unrestored copy of "Action Comic No. 1" sold for $1 million, according to the Los Angeles Times, followed a month later by the sale of another copy in better condition at $1.5 million.

Posted by Mai Ling at MSN Real Estate on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 10:19 AM

Thousands queued up for Starcraft II

The 12-year wait is finally over.

At 12pm on Tuesday, the long awaited sequel to Starcraft, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, sold its first game at Funan DigitaLife Mall in Singapore.

The sequel has already sold more than 11 million copies worldwide and was much-anticipated by eager fans.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Guess who is the First owner for The CHAMP TIGER

The Wong Family done it again....

This little girl look very very familiar !
She is the Champ winner for the Child Category in Animal Fiesta ...
She is the 1st and the proud owner of this New Champ Bengal Tiger for the 2pm (virtualand Bishan) Tournament ...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

E3 New Game Previews # Call of Duty and Final Fantasy

The Tiger hunting Season began.@ Junction 8

The First Champ Bengal Tiger will be officially given out Tmr @ Junction 8 @ 2pm and 4 pm...Best of luck to all competitors...
(some says ..Friday 1 given out for AK Nigel Private Tournament ...)
There's go 1 Champ Bengal Tiger... LOL...

Ver 4 seq freebies of the day DecK A-D

Deck A ~
First Foil Card ~ Bronze Ice Meteor
Last Foil Card ~ Bronze Giant Watermelon

Deck B ~
First Foil Card ~ Bronze King Insignia
Last Foil Card ~ Bronze Zeus Insignia

Deck C ~
First Foil Card ~ Bronze Icarus
Last Foil Card ~ Bronze Ice Meteor

Deck D ~
First Foil Card ~ Bronze Deadly Techniques 2-2-3
Last Foil Card ~ Bronze Alien Egg A

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scene from the movie "Just Follow Law" :-Say some More

the is the memorable scene from the local Movie "Just Follow Law"
Our PCK (Mr Gurmit singh) is the lead actor...
This is a very successful singaporean style movie...gross big buck in 2007

PCK and his 2 successful govt campaign

Our govt uses PCK as ambassador for the 2 (LTA & MOH) campaign

Special National Day Movie Preview # PCK The Movie

SOL for Trade..???

This SOL will very handy for trade ... with overseas card collectors......
would advise all AK fans to keep fishing for it till ver 4 launch......

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taiwan Ver 4 Cards

Ver 4 seq freebies of the day # part 2 # 3

Ver 4 seq freebies of the day # part 2

Deck A ~

First Foil Card ~ Bronze Ice Meteor
Last Foil Card ~ Bronze Giant Watermelon

Deck B ~

First Foil Card ~ Bronze King Insignia
Last Foil Card ~ Bronze Zeus Insignia

Deck C ~
First Foil Card ~ Bronze Icarus
Last Foil Card ~ Bronze Ice Meteor

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flying donkey shocks beachgoers in Russias

'Flying' donkey shocks many

MOSCOW - RUSSIAN beachgoers got a shock when they saw a donkey soaring in the blue skies over the balmy beaches on the Sea of Azov in southern Russia last week, police said on Tuesday.

Attached to a parachute, the animal screamed in fear as it circled over heads of holidaymakers sunbathing on a beach in the Cossack village of Golubitskaya in the Krasnodar region last week.

A regional police spokesman said the donkey ended up in the skies as a result of an impromptu advertising campaign by several Russian entrepreneurs to attract beachgoers to their private beach.

Instead, they attracted the attention of regional police who learned of the flying donkey earlier this week and launched a probe.

'The donkey screamed and children cried,' regional police spokesman Larisa Tuchkova told AFP. 'No-one had the brains to call police.' Instead, she said, people reached for their cameras and bombarded a local newspaper with phone calls.

'It was put up so high into the sky that the children on the beach cried and asked their parents: 'Why did they tie a doggy to a parachute?' the newspaper, Taman, said this week. -- AFP

Blog master added...
What is should be ....
Train the Donkey @ the ifly Singapore...

visit e link :

Ver 4 seq freebies of the day # part 1

Ver 4 seq freebies of the day # part 1

Deck A ~
First Foil Card ~ Bronze Ice Meteor
Last Foil Card ~ Bronze Giant Watermelon

pls dun copycat .....for other blogger....
any copycat found , we will stop posting all 4 decks in our blog
... he! he!!!!
Rest you will hav to get from copycat blog....

Ver 4 Deck Sequence Obtained

We currently hav Deck A to D deck,they are all 8 deck...

currently Deck A to D obtained....
Selling A-D @ $50... or
no money can trade with (1 champ Lion or SOL) ....
can sign I OWE U (pls bring IC) ....interest .. cheap cheap ..1000%
each Deck seq @ $15...
money back guarantee.....
Seq not same ..full refund....

pre-order now..I meant order now....
ha ha !!!!

dun not hav to wait ... can get immediately...

NO $$ No seq...
with great seq come great Power....

for those whose keen ....pls leave your contact nos comment session...

will be putting up on ebay for buy it now !!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010