Sunday, November 27, 2011

Which Teams has Qualify to the final @ suntec on 23rd Dec

here is e summary of the 3 Tournament which was over ....

little Justin Wong and his lucky Number

this little boy ask me before I start e tournament...

"Uncle why you rub away our name ? " I told him if u loose I hav to rub away your name...he say to me : "Uncle dun rub away my name in the tournament chart cause I will win !!!!!"

and he won.....after winning the champion Bengal Tiger ..I joking ask him for 4D since he is soo lucky !!!! he say to me

Uncle the number is ...9 ....9 ....9.....9

I say "Police station ???? !!!! " he he !!!!
but yesterday the 4D runner up is "9899" ....
wow !!! wondering whether we can ask him for the next week 4D !!!!!

Birthday Tournament @ AK club

The highlight of this event is definitely the Ak Tournament.....
There were 24 contestants ....among them were young Justin Wong Martin classmate ...

Here is the highligh for Macrus fight , both the birthday boys came in 3 rd and Fourth place ....which little Justin have a home run and kills all e Ultimate with his gold bald eagle without a perfect combo....

Here is the Video Hightlights of Macrus ...

Little Justin Wong and his lucky touch .....

Final ...

The winner and runner up ..

AK Birthday Party for Macrus and Martin

This is a RSVP event @ AK Club...
The 2 kids is a big die-hard AK fans so is all their classmate which they invited ...
All come to their party with albums and strong combo preparing to battle each others.....he ! he !!!

The birthday cake and the traditional songs.......

Hightlight of the Team league Events @ bishan

Teams Lim Pek and MMX !!!! These were e 2 teams that made the cheers , the shout and also the cries ..........1 of the teammate even walk away during tournament .....

Animal Kaiser Teams Champion League @ Bishan

Thanks to all the teams who participated in the team champion league tournament qualifying round at Bishan Junction 8 on 25 Nov 11.

There are total 11 teams participated. All the teams have put up very tough battles. Well done to all the teams and thanks for all your patience.
There are crying, cheering, laughing during the tournament.

The 2 teams that will be going to Suntec for the Grand Final are AK Fishermen (Champion) and Karate Kids (1st Runner Up).

Congrats to these 2 teams.

Below link is the video of the final round deciding the Champion.

Monday, November 21, 2011

which one is more powerful ?????

Death Scorch or Master Leon ?????

The Answer is he! he !
MY card sequence .........

Zone X express Lane

with e shuffle of cards the centre now hav what we all known as express lane ....

Team Champion League 2011 @ Jurong Point Star factory

It was a tense moment when the tournment was greeted with 3 Policeman coming to the centre ......some kids ask what had happened !!!!

I told them someone must hav file complaint to them when they loose or maybe they hit the button too HARD causing e AK machine to breakdown ....

actually someone broke the fishing machine inside the centre police were involved ....

and there was a team that was so tense ......until one of the teammate scan e wrong cards ....Manta Ray ?????

Highlights of e Events with cheering of Focus ....

Video of the Final

The 2 Teams that qualify are as following

1)Mighty Molly Wings (Winner)
2)Old heros (runner up)

8 teams at Jurong Point Virtualand Star Factory

Thanks to all the 8 teams who participated in the Team Champion League 2011 qualifying round at Jurong Point on (18 Nov 11).


2)Avengers ?????

3)Mighty Molly Wings

4)Team Planet

5)Old heros


7)Soon Soon Li Li


All the teams members have gone through many rounds of tough battles. Well done to all participants. Below are the 2 teams that qualified for the Grand Final at Suntec on 23 Dec 11. Congrats to these 2 teams.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Party Celebration by RSVP Only

We will be organizing an Birthday party for Marcus and Martin this 27th Nov....
so if u want to come pls friend friend with them ....
LOL bring big big present worth at least $250 value ...LOL!!!!!

Animal kaiser Comics to be release Soon .....

The Master Leo and Master Blue Series....

The Master Jumbo ...New hero ..???

Team Rail gun

Team Rail Gun members score amazing 6-0 knock out during our Leauge match killing both sng and uncle chong team this their secret weapons......the Glove used by the team captain Ak-hunter henry !!!!!
As we say "talk to e hands ".... ????

He managed to win in zone x on sunday again !!!!!
is the secert lie on his luck or Glove ??????