Thursday, May 27, 2010

Animal Kaiser – The King of Animals!

Animal Kaiser – The King of Animals!

Come experience the excitement and fun Animal Kaiser machines at One Asia Gaming!
in The licence to play exhibition

What To Expect
•Showcase of Version 3
Version 3 boasts a host of new additions such as a new boss, and for followers of the game, rare gold cards like the ‘Special Ops Leo’, which was a boss in Version 2, and the debut of the new ‘Lowland Gorilla’ character. Try it out, only at One Asia Gaming.
•Animal Kaiser Conqueror Challenge (2pm-4pm)
Unleash your favourite Animal and prove you are the Conqueror in our ‘live’ Animal Kaiser Challenge! Winner stays and takes on new challengers; the defeated rejoins the queue. Winner of each match earns an AK Crown, and the player with the most Crowns that day wins… a complete deck of Version 3 cards!!
•Animal Kaiser Team Challenge sun (11am-4pm)
AK is a fun, clean game for family bonding, and the AK community here is proving just that. In yet another community-organized event, entire families will team up to do battle at the Animal Kaiser Team Challenge! (This is a private competition; registration closed to public)

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